Squeezed is a socially-conscious first-person-picker videogame about the lives of (im)migrant farmworkers in the US

Squeezed, the videogame, was built in 2006-2007 by a multidisciplinary team of graduate and undergraduate students at the University of Denver interested in game development and – more specifically – in using this medium for socially conscious ends. Students were attracted to the project from all over campus, they represent majos in Game Development, Computer Science, Electronic Media Arts & Design, Digital Media Studies, and Studio Art. The initial ideas for the game were influenced by previous games of the SWEAT collaborative and contemporary issues surrounding immigration. The team struggled to learn how to work together [or not], and how to make forward progress without a clear line of leadership in this experiment in egalitarianism. Each member of the team hoped to carry forward new knowledge and insights gained from this project into future careers.


The project received generous financial and in-kind support from mtvU, and from the University of Denver. mtvU and Cisco Systems partnered to form the Digital Incubator competition. Squeezed was one of the grant recipients from the 2006 competition. The University of Denver provided matching support through its Partners In Scholarship program, and by allowing unfettered access to facilities, equipment, software, and human resources. Squeezed was featured in a Time magazine, thanks in no small part to the support provided by mtvU.